Project Description

In 2015 the City of Knoxville undertook a comprehensive accessibility assessment for 25 of its park facilities to identify issues and aid in setting priorities for a transition plan. PBA Property Development is currently working with the city’s Disability Services Office to implement a series of projects designed to address deficiencies outlined in the 2015 assessment.

As a part of this project, each location must move through three phases:

  1. Assessment — Review the site to identify changes since the original assessment and identify which work to implement.

  2. Design — A qualified architecture and engineering team will design and permit the necessary improvements indicated during the assessment.

  3. Construction --- Contractors will be hired to implement the necessary changes.

Sites currently in each of these phases are listed below with target completion dates for the current phase noted. Detailed information on projects which have been completed previously or are currently under construction can be found by clicking the links above or the linked project titles below.



Holston River Park ADA Improvements (beginning Spring 2019)
Inskip Pool and Park ADA Improvements (beginning Winter 2019)
Sam Duff Park ADA Improvements (beginning Spring 2019)


Inskip Recreation Center ADA Improvements (beginning Spring 2019)
Lonsdale Recreation Center ADA Improvements (beginning Summer 2019)
Victor Ashe Park ADA Improvements (beginning Summer 2019)
West Hills/John Bynon Park ADA Improvements (beginning Summer 2019)